Welcome to darthkelly.com!

I have been working with student organizations to develop their web presence since September of 2013. I also work with local businesses for their own web development purposes.

My sites currently include:

outsa.org – OUT Students and Allies, the LGBT organization for HCC’s Central, Northwest, and Northeast campuses.

houston-psychologist.com – D. Woodja Flanigan, a Houston-based psychologist

If you’re a student organization, I only charge $5/month for hosting and maintenance of your website. Domain registrations cost only $15/year per domain.

For businesses, please contact me privately outlining your needs, and I will send you a quote.

I am also open to bartering for both web development or hosting services. Please contact me if you’re interested in trading goods or skills in exchange for the creation and maintenance of a website, or for free hosting for a site you’ve already developed.

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